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  • The highest youth unemployment rates are in the Middle East and Africa, where one in four young people cannot find work (International Labour Organization).

  • Malaria is a leading killer of children under five in Africa, leading to over 600,000 deaths in 2010 (UNICEF).

  • In Zimbabwe, 66% of children in SOS Families have lost both parents (SOS Childrens' Villages).

While the above statistics are unprecedented, so too is the opportunity to powerfully impact Africa with the love of Jesus in both word and deed. Christ truly is the answer to Africa's pain and suffering, and we can answer this great call from God. By merely responding to the cries of these little ones we can bring the healing of the Gospel to an entire generation so desperate for mercy and hope.

Caregivers of these children, whether relatives or remaining parents, need jobs to uplift them from the heavy burden of poverty to clothe, feed and afford the most basic health care for their families. Economic health and prosperity is a function of living a biblical life by producing more than one consumes.


Agathos pastors' conferences focus on the plight of the orphans and families who see little hope outside of foreign aid. Pastors are community leaders throughout the vast majority of Sub-Saharan Africa and as such hold an important role in the building of a clear understanding of what the Bible tells us about personal responsibility, work ethic, productivity and caring for others. Agathos pastors' conferences focus on instilling these core values in the men and women of Africa.

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