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We must respond


High unemployment, absence of a strong work ethic, inefficient cultural farming techniques, poor use of water resources, and decades of foreign aid has crippled African economies and broken the will to work for multitudes of young men and women. These factors have all contributed to making Africa one of the poorest continents on Earth.


When one adds the AIDS pandemic, malaria, corrupt government, natural disasters, and drought and famine to the mix, you find extreme suffering in many countries on the African continent. Suffering of these proportions demand not only our thoughts, prayers, and finances, but also our voice.


Networks of concerned citizens have joined together to spread awareness, knowledge, and engagement about the suffering in Africa. There are successful programs that are working to stop AIDS, eradicate malaria, bring development to depressed economies, relief for refugees, care for orphans,  education, and provide hope for the future. Now we need to build on those successes throughout Africa.


Your support and participation will make a difference. Lend your voice on behalf of those who need it so desperately. Click on one of the following organizational links to see actions you can take in under five minutes. It’s not enough to simply be well informed: Do your part, learn about the issue, and give your voice.


Agathos International supports and works with the following organizations:


Persecution Project Foundation


World Concern


Kwethu Children’s Village


Murwira Children’s Home


Pilgrim Africa

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