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Agathos Village

Agathos Village is a love based answer to the affordable housing crisis in the Pacific Northwest.

We believe that the single greatest cause of systemic poverty is a profound & catastrophic loss of family.

We bring decades of lessons learned in impactful & sustainable economic development,
domestically & internationally, to realize dynamic local community transformation.

Our Purpose: To encourage, empower, & equip our neighbors to find their true identity, home, & community.

Our Mission: To build an intentional community that breaks the bondage of systemic poverty in the Puget Sound.

Our Vision: A community that values living simply as a life-choice of freedom & as a community based solution to the affordable housing crisis. We are modeling our community in light of leading organizations, empowering a thriving culture of mentorship, transformation & stewardship.

Through internal & external partnership,

we are creating three tiers of community:

1. Restoration & Rehabilitation
2. Personal Development
3. Dignified Income

Join us as we break down barriers & come together in community!

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