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Agathos Ships Critical Medications to Chad and other African Countries

Intestinal worms are very painful, drastically affecting the quality of life of millions of young, third world children. In response to this ongoing problem, Agathos International recently shipped 1.5 million critically needed Albendazole (deworming) tablets to the people of Chad working with our on-the-ground partners, Adventist Health International. This is the third shipment to Chad in as many years.


Worms are a major contributor to malnutrion in children under 5 years old. As much as 35% of an infected child's nutritional intake can be consummed by parasites, leaving the child at an even higher risk of malnution and more vulnerable to a host of diseases. The worldwide magnitude of parasite infection is enormous. One billion people are infected with soil-transmitted helminths (e.g., hookworms, Ascaris, and Trichuris). The hardest hit are children in third world countries. "Children free of parasites have better nutritional status, grow faster, learn more, and are freer of infections than are children with parasites." (1)

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Deworming tablets, taken once every six months, remove the parasites leaving the host child with a much higher probability of survival and a productive life. Agathos can ship millons of deworming tablets to partners in Africa. It is Agathos' responsibility to cover shipping costs and the number of children we can treat is directly related to amount of money we can raise for shipping. Your donation dollar goes an extremely long way. Consider the following:

$35.50 covers our costs to provide the cure to 2,500 children!

$100 covers our costs to provide the cure to 6,500+ children!

Agathos has been blessed with partners in Chad, Zambia, Uganda, Kenya, Southern Sudan and Zimbabwe. We secure the deworming medications through our long-standing relationship with World Concern. We need your help to cover the cost of more shipments. Please help us reach more infected children by giving today. We can do so much more with your help!

Please DONATE today!

Agathos maintains a very low overhead; 95% of all revenue goes to program. All staff is volunteer.

Pictured is a community elder in Chad receiving 1000 Albendazole tablets.

1 Stoltzfus RJ, Dreyfuss ML, Chwaya HM, Albonico M. Hookworm control as a strategy to prevent iron deficiency.

Nutr Rev 1997;55:223-32.

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